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Top of the line ERP and AP solution services


All experience and knowledge in one place

Having asingle point of contact for many different competencies makes it easier and moreflexible for you as a customer. We take the overall responsibility and ensurethat you are not pointed around to different places to find answers. We makesure you get the answers you need by providing the necessary resource(s). Withus at Optema you get access toconsultants with extensive experience in iScala and Rillion Prime/PaletteArenaas well as ISQD, fastfeedback in support matters, continuous webinars/newsletters on news & improvements in iScala and Rillion and recurringmeetings to proactively optimize existing systems and future-proof applications.


Epicor iScala is a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, operating locally and globally. Thanks to its easy replication, it is also a valuable option for the largest global companies that require a fully integrated multi-site ERP solution.

At Optema we have +20 years of experience of implementing iScala as well as supporting companies using the system.

We can provide support in several aspects when it comes to iScala. We can help you with user support as well as helping you implement new functions or modules. Handling the project when it comes to upgrading the system to the latest version together with the integrations effecting by the change. Installation of necessary hotfix, support in strategic questions, regular system health checks and much more.


AP-Automation solution as well as a solution for Purchase-top-pay

AP-Automation solution as well as a solution for Purchase-top-payPurchase to pay automation benefits everyone in the organization. Finance administrators eliminate manual data entry, because invoice data capture extracts all the relevant fields from both paper and emailed invoices.

Approval workflow sends vendor invoices to the proper approver, as per your business rules. Managers and supervisors can approve invoices 24/7 on desktop, tablet, or smartphone, including one-click approvals in email.

The AP department conserves resources with automated PO matching that matches the PO, invoice and goods receipt within minutes of the invoice being received. Exceptions are workflowed to the person responsible complete with all the information they need to clear the exception.

Readsoft / Kofax

Kofax AP Essential (formerly ReadSoft Online) is a world class system for capture and validation of invoices from any source, in any format. Supplier invoices typically arrive in paper, PDF or myriad electronic formats delivered through postal services, emails, EDI or Internet portals. It doesn’t matter. AP Essentials enables AP teams to swiftly capture, codify and route invoices seamlessly, securely and consistently.

AP Essentials uses proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) technology with impressive accuracy. The extracted data is then validated, classified, and routed for approval, enabling organizations to automate the invoice processing workflow. AP Essentials integrates with existing financial systems to provide a seamless end-to-end process, reducing manual data entry and increasing efficiency.

IT Group

IT Group was founded in 2001 and since the beginning has developed programs around Budgeting, Forecasting, Follow-up, Reporting and Analysis. Products like iSQD, Budget Tracker and more are offered from IT-Groups. Products with a focus on ease of use without compromising the amount of available information to be able to make the right decision.


System integration is about how different programs and systems can interact in a way that further develops the business. Good integration systems also give you opportunities to combine the results from the different parts of the system into new knowledge.

At Optema we have many years of experience in creating sustainable integrations with different systems together with iScala and Rillion.

E-Invoices / Documents

With electronic invoice and order processing you save time, reduce costs and increase security. We can provide the best solutions on the market both in terms of Supplier invoice management and Customer invoice management.

The incoming e-invoice flow to your company is easily handled by solutions provided from Optema. It does not matter if the supplier sends invoices in a special format, all types of e-invoices on the market can be handled. Simple and fast.

Not everyone can manage e-invoices yet. Therefore, we also provide solutions to scan and interpret paper invoices that you receive.

More and more of your customers want to receive their invoices electronically. Make sure you can meet their requirements. Being able to reduce the amount of paper and focus on pdf and e-invoices affects cost, quality and not least the earth’s environment in a very positive way.


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