Världsklass affärssystems– och fakturahanteringstjänster

Top of the line ERP and AP solution services


At Optema, we simplify for our customers by providing deep knowledge and broad experience in the niche of finance, purchasing and order logistics. This in combination with the knowledge of creating stable and scalable integrations between Rillion and/or iScala as well as other important systems in your total application landscape.

Deep knowledge

We only use top of line people who have very deep knowledge from branch and products that we are offering

Very experienced

On Optema the average number of years’ experience of the people we are using is between 15 and 25 years

Time is crucial

When you have something on your mind, or is doing something, you would always like to have an as quick as possible answer or solution, and we prioritize this.


As a result of our long experience in the industry, we can offer a comprehensive approach to business system processes. Many of our customers see great advantages in bringing all their solutions together with one and the same supplier.



At Optema, we handle both small and large clients, less complex and complex. The majority of customers have iScala as their ERP and most of them have Rillion/Palette as their invoice management system.


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